A waist trainer corset can take permanent inches off your waist and help you achieve an hourglass, more curvy shape. Whether you just want an instant hourglass figure without going through the process of working out or following a diet, or if you want to lose weight over time, the best waist trainer will help you in both cases.



Waist training is the gradual process of waist size reduction, using the special compression garments (waist trainers) from FitWaist™.

Their regular use, exercise and healthy eating can dramatically reduce waist size, giving a beautiful, smooth, sexy silhouette instantly while getting rid of unwanted fat around the core, once and for all.

Waist training as a means of permanent reduction and reshaping of your waist, is a practice that requires discipline and is best achieved when the following rules apply:

  1. Get the right waist trainer in the correct size
  2. Wear it 8 hours daily
  3. Clean nutrition and exercise


It’s really that simple!


A FitWaist™ waist trainer is a garment of steady compression made of high quality latex fabric, featuring flexible metal steel bones and a skin-friendly cotton lining. Its advanced design allows the body to move, bend and stretch. It follows the movement of the body without restricting it while providing support and improving posture.

CAUTION! The FitWaist™ waist trainer is not a classic corset! It does not permanently move or modify the internal organs or sides in any way as the classical corsets do.


The FitWaist™ waist trainer sculpts and remodels the fat tissue in the core area to give a smooth, visible hourglass figure. Latex lining maximizes sweating and fat burning. The toxins are excreted by the body through sweating to give the skin a softer and smoother texture.

Another important function it serves is proper posture. Posture is one of the main causes of back pain. The waist trainer does an excellent job on supporting and holding the back and shoulders straight while relieving pain in the lower back.

If you are exercising and your change in weight is small, then the problem may be your diet. Smaller meals are easier to metabolize and they “burn” faster. The FitWaist™ waist trainer lightly squeezes the stomach and waist encouraging you to eat smaller portions and feel fuller throughout the day. After just a few weeks of use, you will notice that your stomach stays tight and nice even when you are not wearing it.


The first time you wear the FitWaist™ waist trainer you will need a little extra effort! You should start buttoning from bottom to top, on the first row of metal clips (at the loosest setting). It should fit tightly to your body without causing discomfort or obstructing breathing. After the first applications its form is adjusted according to the shape of the body, the placement becomes easier while maintaining its elasticity and stability.

If you have just started your waist training journey, we recommend starting it at 2-3 hours a day and gradually increasing your hours of use until you feel comfortable wearing it 8 hours a day. When you feel it loose you adjust it to the next raw of hooks so it fits tighter on your body. When you feel that even in the tightest raw it is quite comfortable then you can proceed to the smaller size.


After 30 days of use you will notice a significant difference in the area covered by the product (waist, abdomen, stomach, love handles, back). The curves are accentuated and silhouette gains the desired hourglass shape. During this time many customers have dropped 2 to 3 sizes on their clothes.

* Many customers tell us they notice the first results on their body after two weeks of use


  • Get started slowly and realistically: It’s important to give your body time to adapt to the change and the new sense of compression (just like in a pregnancy). It is also important to set a realistic goal while respecting the shape of your body. Physiologically, it may not be possible to get a tiny waist. But you can give it a little more shape than you already have. Don’t push beyond what is possible for your body.
  • Choose the right size: Do not force yourself into a very tight waist trainer and do not choose a smaller size in the hope that you will get a very small waist immediately. This can cause discomfort, muscle pain or difficulty in breathing. Choose the size by strictly adhering to the size limits and do not rush to the tightest setting. Listen to your body and adjust the compression according to how you feel each moment.
  • Caution to the application: It must be closed properly without bumps on the front. Its edges should not roll up or down (this is an indication that it is too small)
  • Exercise and drink plenty of water: It is important to do some type of exercise to get the desired results and keep the muscles strong and toned. Be sure to moisturize your body to make up for lost fluids.
  • Do not wear it while sleeping: No exaggerations needed. 8 hours a day is enough. Allow your body to rest during the night.



If you intend to take waist training seriously then it is very important to take care of your waist trainer so it can take care of you. Over time it is subjected to severe stress and wear off conditions but with some simple precautions you can extend its life without losing its elasticity and stability. 

It is very important to take care of your waist trainer so it can take care of you. Over time, it goes under strict pressure and wear conditions but with a few simple precautions you can extend its life without losing its elasticity and firmness.

  1. Cleaning. Hand wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Do not let it soak for a long time. Never put the trainer in the dryer! Leave it to dry on a flat surface, not hanging in the sun and not on heat sources.
  2. Ventilate your waist trainer at the end of the day. Allow it to dry by turning the lining on the upper side and place it on the back of a chair. Never leave it on or near a heat source, because over time it will cause shrinkage and possible damage to the seams.
  3. It is good to have two waist trainers that one functions alternate. If you use one at the gym, the second is necessary for using following as the former will need time to dry due to sweating. Moreover, it is important to let your waist trainer rest so it can restore its elasticity.