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FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer

FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer

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Look Slimmer & Sexier with this FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer 

Instant Hourglass Shape, Effortless and Beautiful Curve

This is made possible with the FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer that is constructed from a high quality elasticized material. Lightweight that provides absolute comfort as it molds in your body, creating that effortless and beautiful curve. 

Our FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer is perfect for everyday use and instantly reduces the size of your waistline upon wearing. It also gives extra support in your back for that good posture and natural curve. 

A Sexy and Curvier Body Shape Is Within Your Reach

Try our FitWaist™ Breathable Waist Trainer

  • Premium-quality Colombian shapewear gives you authentic waist training results
  • Long-torso design for maximum training and full control 
  • 3 hook-and-eye closure rows that allows easy tightness adjustments 
  • Breathable cotton interior for all day comfort

  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • Can also be used during work, can be worn under your daily outfit, workout sessions

Size Chart: A detailed size chart which is in centimeters and inches is provided for you to check the best size for you.

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